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Raven's Apprentice

“A true adventure of our interconnectedness

with all things living.”

What began on a whim to charter my boat to the fisheries turned into the experience of a lifetime. I was saved by three transient killer whales, stared down by an alpha male Wolf, shot a grouse through the neck from 250 feet, survived an attack by moon saucer jelly fish, was blessed by a close encounter with a pod of 50 killer whales and barely dodged a face to face with a mammoth Grizzle bear just to reveal a few adventures.

In 1978 I applied for a Fisheries contract on a whim and was awarded the area of Finlayson Channel and Klemtu north of Bella Bella. My job was to use my 36’ cabin cruiser to access and walk the rivers and creeks and guess-timate the numbers of salmon and species spawning there.

I had no real experience in the ways of navigation and the operation of a vessel at sea in extreme weather conditions or any understanding of the fishery and how it worked. They must have been desperate.

A compelling, true adventure from the rugged coast of BC An Invitation to Adventure

launches you into the world of Raven and our interconnectedness with all things around us. What starts out as a whim turns into the adventure of a lifetime

We have all asked the same question…what does interconnectedness really mean? Are coincidences just that or is there more to Indian legends that we are all interconnected. Scientists have stated all things are made up of atoms and subatomic particles which coexist in a void of energy and information.

So when we arrive at a maritime museum and on a whim offer to clean a derelict Indian canoe and upon completion a group of Indian paddlers just happen to show up to take it out in preparation for a journey a 100 years in the making, was that a coincidence or interconnectedness?

Or when we encountered three transient killer whales in our boat and are lost in the fog and they guide us to safety, was that a coincidence or interconnectedness? Or when we were trapped by a pack of wolves and submit to their dominance through meditation was that a coincidence or interconnectedness?

An Invitation to Adventure is the exploration of the BC coast and the interconnectedness of all things living.

Our Interconnectedness in our roots


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