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Raven's Apprentice



Raven's Apprentice is about Interconnectedness.


What began as a whim to charter my boat to the fisheries department turned into the experience of a lifetime.  I was saved by three transient killer whales, stared down by an alpha male Wolf, shot a grouse through the neck from 250 feet, survived an attack by moon saucer jellyfish, had a close encounter with a pod of 50 killer whales and barely dodged a face to face with a mammoth grizzly bear just to reveal a few adventures.


Join me at the helm as I guide us through the uncharted waters of my adventure into the world of Raven, Killer Whale and Wolf.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-2288-2229-5

Ebook ISBN 978-0-2288-2230-1

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