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About Me

Don was a professional rock musician but quickly realized the touring life was not for him and quit. He moved to Victoria, BC and settled into a simple life of living life day by day. He developed an interest in Transcendental Meditation and eventually became a Siddha - making more of a commitment to his spiritual development.



He bought a boat and on a whim applied for a Fisheries position assessing creeks. He was assigned an area north of Bella Bella where Raven's Apprentice took place.


He began his writing career with screenplays because of his love for film but after five unsuccessful screenplays he finally found success in a play he was asked to rewrite called "A Garland for Judy." 


Later in life Don and his future wife moved onto a boat and travelled the BC coast for 7 years. He found work as a technical writer which allowed them to travel without a home port. After their first girl (Morgane Thunderbolt) became of school age they settled down and bought a house on Hornby Island and had their next daughter (Connor Crimson).


Don continued writing technical manuals and developing online courses but when he told a friend about his experiences with whales, wolves and exploring the northern coast of BC by boat she said he had the makings of a very good book. So Raven's Apprentice was born. 

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